Top Reasons to Build Your iPhone App Natively

With the tremendous uptake of the smartphones in Australia, a large number of Australian businesses are making use of mobile apps to reach out to their clients and drive sales through the new sales channel created. The stats tell it all. Some 76% of Australians are currently using smartphones. This creates a huge opportunity that businesses can tap into by hiring professional iPhone App Developers Sydney services. Smartphones create potentially 20% of the traffic for businesses. The iPhone apps offer several advantages to businesses including cost effectiveness, better workflow and an increase in sales. There is also a branding value that businesses can accrue by investing in good quality smartphone apps.

There are two ways in which companies can leverage this traffic for their businesses. These involve using either native apps or HTML5. The native apps refer to those that are device specific such as the iOS apps for Apple or the apps for Android. These have been specifically designed to work with a single device operating system and the unique features of the smartphone for which they are designed. The HTML5 platform is however web-based and device-invariant and can therefore work with any smartphone or tablet. While this might seem advantageous, you are likely to experience performance issues with the platform.

iOS Apps Deliver a Better Performance
This is one of the main advantages of the native apps by the apps developers Sydney services. On average, the native iOS app will perform way better than the HTML5-powered web-based platforms. Users are generally more willing to respond to calls to action on the apps than on the web-based platforms. For businesses, this means greater revenues. Apart from the ease of monetization of the native apps, they also deliver incredible performance and efficiency. Many buyers are also willing to pay for the apps if they are well designed thus adding more ancillary revenues to your business.

User Experience
The natives work better and deliver superior user experience compared to their HTML5 counterparts. The reason for this is obvious. Because the app is native to a particular operating system, it is capable of leveraging the nuances of the particular operating system thus giving a solution that is more innovative and highly customized for its application. The HTML5 may save you on costs but the user experience and convertibility will be below par. While you might spend a little extra with iPhone App Developers Sydney professionals when it comes to the native apps, the investment is certainly worth it.

The other significant advantage that native apps by a good iPhone App Developers Sydney service has over the HTML5-powered platforms is the great app security.  The HTML5 code is easy to access hence easy to hack compared to the native apps code. This can pose a serious security threat for your company especially if your app is designed to store sensitive customer information such as credit card information.
For now, building a native app is your best bet yet to tapping effectively into the vast smartphone market in Australia. Looking for professional and trusted iPhone App Developers Melbourne or Sydney service? Check out the Cloud Down Under service at The company has an expert team of iPhone app developers with several years experience in building robust and cutting edge apps for some of Australia’s leading companies.

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