What to keep in mind when buying the best 223 Ammo in Australia

The 223 ammo Australia gun shops are selling is highly versatile for a shooter’s needs.

Whether you enjoy target shooting or varmint hunting, these rounds come in handy. Here are the factors to consider when looking for a cartridge that will suit your needs:

223 ammo australia


While the 223 ammo Australia has several applications, a single load cannot be perfect for numerous roles. One load may suit only one or a couple of purposes.

For example, you may not opt for pricey ammo if you intend to use it for recreational shooting. In that case, the ideal ammunition will be the most affordable.

On the other hand, when searching the rifle stocks Australia has today for competition ammo or for Varmint hunting, you will need to take more time. Choose something reliable. Between game hunting and competition, the latter does not require high penetration capabilities, but the former does.

Bullet options

The 223 comes with a broad array of bullets to select from; therefore, based on your application, you will find a bullet for your needs. The weight of bullets lies anywhere between 30 to 90 grains. There is a lot of flexibility and many powders to fuel different bullets for your air rifle.

Medium- vs. small game hunting

The ammunition requirements for medium-sized game hunting are a bit different from those of small game hunting. When hunting medium-sized animals, you are better off using a bullet type with a well-balanced ration between expansion and penetration.

For instance, when it comes to deer hunting, the best 223 ammo Australia shops are selling requires high energy and expansion capacity after penetrating through the deer’s muscles.


What makes 223 ammunition unique is the military has been using it for almost half a century. This means there are many military cases and ammo.

Often, military ammunition comes with thick cases, and since the exterior dimensions of the case are unlikely to change, the inner dimensions are smaller. This increases the pressure to high levels, which is why you should sort your cases before going for this cartridge. Additionally, the best cases are built from brass and thus, non-corrosive.

Primer style

The commonly used primer style is the boxer-style. Thi223 ammo australias primer style is preferred because it is reloadable. In other words, the new primers can punch out and remove the old and used up ones, in no time.

Besides, there are Berdan-style primers, but these are non-reloadable. This means while they are reusable, reloading equipment is required. Moreover, the method is not convenient and simple as the boxer-style primers.

Number of rounds

If you are a frequent shooter or avid hunter, you may want to go for rounds in bulk as they can serve you for a long time. While you will spend a lump sum of cash at first, you will save the cost later on because the cost per round is a bit cheaper.

Get the right one for your needs

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